Ultra HD 4K Features

I have upgraded my tools for capture and video production to High Def 4K resolution.  I produce original music video programs on flash drives for PCs and many 4K TVs. 


My full collection can be recorded for you and mailed on a flash drive for $25.  In addition to music videos, it includes audio recordings of original songs, and written works I have made to explore the ideas I've been inspired to share. You can order it by  calling (614) 476-6480. Pay after delivery.


To let you explore samples of my ideas in science philosophy, I freely share a few videos on the Vimeo website via the safe link shown below.  Also, my written works can be requested by phone call and shared via emails or text message attachments.


My programs explore the fruits of a cosmic life force that engulfs us with wonderment. Operating through hidden dimensions, this force induces ideas that inspire intelligent viewers to wonder, and perhaps recognize clues to the possibilities.  Perhaps our planetary Life forms are key to the very existence of that cosmos we cannot see.


I develop these products in the hopes that you can enjoy a stunning view of this living world on a screen you already have.


And . . . A Sci-Fi Novel

Paperback $15. Full color E-book $10.


"A Dozen who Deal with it"

I wrote a Sci-fi adventure mystery for the curious intellect to explore the capabilities of some people faced with impending planetary disaster. A dozen strangers are gathered up without knowing the nature of their plight, or its massive impact on the future of the human race.


In 2020 I published a sequel to resolve the cliff-hanger ending of the original novel. The strangers, now lifelong friends, are returned to a confused world where they have to use the wisdom they gained to resolve our problems.  I title the sequel: "The Dozen Who Dealt with it".


Check out a full description and sample chapters on the safe link below:

Original Nature Photos 

Over the past twenty years I have made a huge collection of original photos and 3D views taken in the world of Living Wonders. Some of these images have been freely shared on the FlickR website as a sample.

Here's is a safe link below to view them.

More Works on Vimeo

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