Ultra HD 4K Features

I have upgraded my tools for capture and production to Ultra High Definition in a 4K resolution of 3840 X 2160 pixels. I can produce superb music video programs in full 4K quality mp4 files. These programs are delivered on flash drives for the latest PCs and many 4K TVs through USB ports. My new videos mastered in 4K are also delivered on DVDs, providing the highest quality the medium is capable of.


My programs explore the fruits of a cosmic life force that engulfs us with wonderment, by operating through hidden dimensions. These visions are apt to inspire intelligent viewers to wonder, and perhaps recognize clues to the importance of our planetary Life forms in the very existence of that cosmos we cannot see. I develop these products in the hopes that you can enjoy a stunning view of this living world on a screen you love.


Why does Life happen?

A Musical DVD and Booklet combined to explore and wonder about the fruits of the Life Force in the Living World around us.

Packaged with:

A Philosophic booklet and DVD with narratives. Combined package $18.30

And . . . A Sci-Fi Novel

Paperback $15. Full color E-book $10.


A Sci-fi adventure mystery for the curious intellect to explore the capabilities of some people faced with impending planetary disaster. A dozen strangers are gathered up without knowing the nature of their plight, or their massive impact on the future of the human race.

Check out a full description and sample chapters here:

Music Video Disks

I can still deliver some of my favorite earlier works without narratives on High Definition Blu-Ray disks and Standard Format DVDs.

DVD: $10 Blu-ray: $15 Stereoscopic 3D: $20

Music CD Albums

Original musical works I have produced for the soundtracks of video programs are also delivered on CD albums that you can enjoy without looking at a screen.

Standard CD Music Album $13.50

Original Nature Photos Also in Stereoscopic 3D

Over the past twenty years I have made a huge collection of original photos and 3D views taken in the world of Living Wonders.  I can produce these images as prints for framing or digital slide shows, including musical soundtracks.

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Charles R. Schaefer is a professional photographer and video producer in Columbus, Ohio.  Local clients can preserve their memories in custom projects delivered in UHD 4K, Blu-Ray or DVD video as well as high quality photography in digital files, albums and professionally framed prints.

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